「GO AND SEE! Start your journey! 」
「Our gears drive your vision」

This simple idea is the philosophy and believe for FILO (Filo Design) .

Filo began from a little story, a boy named Filo has been encouraged by his mother, he left home to explore the beautiful world, open his mind and find the meaning of life. Therefore, he keeps creating more helpful gears to join his journey and the story is not ending yet…..

Filo as a Design company. While focussing on the design and construction of daily Equipment and gears to satisfy your demands during moving. Started in Taipei, by one young designer; William H. He initially set out to create considered and purposeful equipment that helping people transfer in their daily life no matter walking, cycling, motorcycling or driving. Our design style is pursuing balance between functional and fashionable and more "UNISEX" style for everyone . 

Filo Design is headquartered in the Taipei, a enthusiasm workshop and factory district along Taiwan’s western waterfront., we have spectacular landscapes to inspire our designs and rugged wilderness areas in which to test and use our products


"A practical design idea from RED DOT AWARD WINNER "
In 2015 German Red dot product design award winner , one of the world's top three design award. In 2016, also won the Australia GOOD DESIGN SELECTION .
Not only the appearance for the product ,but also pay more attention on their substance helping users, Let the design more helpful as their mean to be.

Our marque ‘FILO’ comes from the Compiter word – meaning " First In Last Out"  will support you till the end. that's why our logo is a circle symbol. 

A "gear" drive your vision. We encourage people to go out side and feeling our world and enjoy their life.



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