[SEE ART] Art is Not Just the Talent of Minority


There are different ways to express “ART” within many people and many cultures. Some said, it’s an expression of beauty. Some of others said, it’s the way to honor God. Besides, some people said, it’s a thought of releasing soul. No matter what it is, ART shall be accomplished by doing it. Even it’s static installation art, it shall be done by “placing” it.

This time, FILO has launched the graffiti bears in collaboration with the artist Lynch Kuo. The graffiti bears are made of fine cotton; its surface would be the best thing for painting. The artist Lynch Kuo had asked his friends from art, design and fashion industries to work together and created a variety of unique bears. Each bear has carried different stories.

The way of creation is not only just picking up a pen and painting, but it also could be sewing of many fabrics. Especially thanks to a costume designer (also a tailor) LEE SHIH HSUN. The work he made was celebrating the wedding of FILO members.

FILO would like to invite you to join us. Your art shall be created by yourself. Giving free rein to your imagination, reflecting the true thoughts inside you!

Thanks to following artists: Chen Chi Ji李國弘Funabashi John俞霈Nutdanai Jitbunjong簡靖原林俊良 Lin Jun-LiangTingAn HoTact NapatPerson ChenNicha Kron Huan ChengWeilun Vincent ChungVal Chen


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