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Blade Runner is the beginning of this series movie. The film is telling the story that Tyrell Corporation had produced replicants in order to do the hard work in off-world colonies. However, it’s illegal for the replicants to live on Earth. Thus, the government authorized some bounty hunters, also called “blade runner”, to find the escaped replicants and retire (kill) them.

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The film was full of orange, blue and green color. The color of orange is a metaphor of mysterious religion, just like pyramid. And the blue and green present the polluted earth. The vibe of whole movie let the audience feel treacherous and unsafe in the future of earth. In the plot, there do a difference between human beings and replicatns – the ability of empathy. Replicants are lack of empathy; they do not care about others. But in the end, the escaped replicant saved the bounty hunter’s life. Did it represent that replicants are not just organic machines, they’re real lives? They have empathy and care about people.

Rutger Hauer played as Roy Batty, a leader of escaped replicant group, said few lines with firm and sorrow eyes in the final scene:

「I‘ve seen things, you people wouldn’t believe, hmmm.
attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion
I’ve watched C Beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate
All those moments, will be lost in time like tears in rain…
…. time to die….」

These lines are same as mentioned in novel “Silence of death is an end of all creatures”. Any kind of life shall be died, no matter you are nature or artificial. When the day you were born, you’ve started to walk toward death already.

Blade Runner 2049 is a sequel film to Blade Runner. Wallace Corporation took over the business of Tyrell and inherited the technology of producing replicants. Beyond this, they created the replicants, which are greater than previous generation, without life limitation and almost look like human being. During a mission, Blade runner K found the evidence that replicants may have ability to reproduce sexually. In order to prevent another war between human and replicants, he started to digging out more details about truth.

These series film were based on the story of a science fiction “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”, which are written by Philip K. Dick and published in 1968. It’s hard to imagine that some of situation (living environment and science technology) mentioned in the novel have been realized or is going to be real. In the novel, there was plenty of nuclear fallout due to the explosion of nuclear war. Earth is no longer a nice place to live for human. Animals were almost extinction. Having a real animal would be too hard to afford. Back to the reality, every country in the world is only looking for its own good. It could be easy to have another World War; the rapid economic growth causes air pollution, the living quality is going down day by day. People could immigrate to Mars in the story. However, where else we could live after years later?

Recently, there was a news said:

“ Significant doubts have emerged about claims from a Chinese scientist that he has helped make the world's first genetically edited babies.”

Genetically modified organism has been existed for years. The food we ate today may have been genetically edited, such as corn, soya bean, cotton and rice etc. This technology helps to increase the production and decrease the disease. However, it is dubious to use it on human being. In order to cure some disease, human would do everything they could to create a new creature. “Death is certain, life is uncertain.“ When can people face up to this problem and try not to play as God? Hope we don’t have to deal with the issue of replicants.

If you’re interested with this story, we would like to recommend you to spend some times to read this novel and watch the movie. Believe you would enjoy it!


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