[SEE - Movie] Beats of No Nation


It would be hard for us to imagine that children who suppose to be innocent carry guns with fearless expression on their face and kill people by taking orders while we live in a carefree life. However, children involved in military campaigns have harmful influenced Africa for centuries.

The movie “Beasts of No Nation” fully described the civil war in Middle West Africa because of election. And it caused a lot of problems of national separation, thousands of homeless and refugees... In order to leaving you a good experience of watching this movie, we would not spoil more details!

Besides the plot, the costumes in this movie are stunning. There are a lot of modern war films telling some stories of Middle East countries. In these movies, the militia would wear black or white thawb (Thawb is an ankle-length Arab garment, similar to a robe) with red and white scarf and carried the equipment/bags that former Soviet Union left in the black market.

However, Africa countries have been full of passionate since ancient times. Their clothes are usually with several brightly colors. The militia are not only wearing these colorful clothing for battles, but also express their culture and legacy. Maybe the movie exaggerated their costumes. But, it also revealed their tradition and even their chaos.

「In the rainy season, the ground is washing away beneath your feet. Nothing is ever for sure, and everything is always changing.」This is the line of leading actor “Agu”, a 10 years old child. He tried to let the audients know that nothing is sure and everything is changing.

This file was produced by Netflix. That’s how Netflix described this film- “When civil war tears his family apart, a young West African boy is forced to join a unit of mercenary fighters and transform….” Although this is a work of fiction, it did happen to thousands of families in Africa. After watching this movie, I saw an African who was raising funds for building school for African children in the street. I just give him the coins in my pocket and hope it could help some children in Africa.

Photo Credit @Pintrest,Netflix


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