November is a regular Autumn weather in Tokyo. Some leaves of street trees in city have changed its color from summer green to autumn red. The weather of last weekend was over 10 °C and with warm sunshine, just fine for hanging out. FILO decided to pack some stuff and go out for sightseeing. We visited Oedo Antique market at Tokyo International Forum.

When the Shogunate was established in 1603, Edo (named Tokyo nowadays) became the center of Japan’s government, culture, and economy. Back then; Edo was a thriving, vital and highly developed area, of more than a million people by the latter half of the 18th century. Since then, it developed in to one of the major cities of the world where more than 12 million people live and work. 2003 marked the advent of the 400th anniversary of the Edo era, Oedo Antique Market has been hosted since this year, and it’s been 15 years.

This market will take place at courtyard of Tokyo International Forum in every first and third Sunday.
There are total 250 dealers in the market. Walking along the booths, you could find numerous kinds of antique, like furniture, vase, teapot, toys, dishes, bamboo basket, kimono…etc.

One of fascinating things in Japan is the delicate decoration, every dealer was doing their best to present their unique goods.

When wandering in the market, we saw a dealer selling Europe style jewelry was communicating with a foreigner buyer in English. The dealer said to the buyer “ To be honest, you would get a better price in Europe, where is the original place of my goods. I need to pay the taxes in Japan. That would be the main reason of my high price. Hope you could understand.” At another booth, there was a beautiful old kimono with traditional Japanese blue dye hang on the rack. A buyer stood in front of the kimono and stared at it for a long while. Finally, he said to the dealer ” Excuse me, what’s your best price for this kimono? ”

It’s very common to see this kind of scene at antique market. It’s always tricky to bargain. However, it dose have its moments!

If you’re interested in the antique market, the current open date would be as below for your reference.

Location: Yurakucho.Tokyo International Forum
Date: Every First and Third Sunday 09:00 ~ 16:00
Ticket: Admission Free
*Closed in case of rain*

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