The mission of Northern Lights-Seeking – I


The bucket list is a 2007 film described a journey of two old men. After diagnosing with terminal III, they decided to make a bucket list and accomplished these things before end of lives. Back then, I was just early 20s. After watching the movie, I just thought that these old men were crazy and the movie was fun. Life is still a long trip to me. I could enjoy it slowly. Timing was not an issue at all. However, I have a different way of looking at “life” after 10 years. During a lunch with friends, we talked about a saying that you will have a happy life after seeing the aurora borealis. The old and beautiful saying, but without scientific evidence, was encouraging me and my friend to start a Northern lights-seeking mission.

Auroras are produced because of collision between electrically charged particles released from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere. The lights are seen around the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemispheres. * Because the phenomena occurs near the magnetic poles, getting as close to these poles as possible will rapidly increase the chances of viewing aurora. In northern hemisphere , you could see the lights in North America, the North western past of Canada, Finland, Norway and Iceland. Due to timing and budget issue, we chose Iceland to see aurora.

It was a 12-day journey of Northern lights-seeking mission (2017/2/17~2017/2/28). The trip started from Taipei, transferred at Bangkok, stayed in London for 3 day and Iceland for 9 days.

《Day 1》
It was almost 12 am when we arrived B&B in London. We were all exhausted and just went to bed after a quick showing.

《Day 2》
Borough Market → Tower Bridge → Big Ben → Parliament → Westminster Abbey → London Eye →Regent St.

Since we decided to explore Iceland more, we just stayed London for 3 days and visited few main tourist attraction.

Traditional market is a good place to go grocery shopping, and it’s also a good place to experience warm hospitality of local people. If you would like to know how local people live their lives, just visit their traditional market. Borough Market has existed for around 1000 years. CNN reported that Borough Market is one of 10 of world’s best fresh markets. There are vegetable, fruits, cheese, red & white wine, pour over coffee…etc.

After having good food in borough market, we walked along the sidewalk near River Thames toward Tower Bridge, which is a combined bascule and suspension bridge in London built in 19 century.

Next stop, we took subway to Westminster. You could see the Big Ben just next the subway exit. The Parliament is next to the Big Ben. And go west, Westminster Abbey would be in front of you.

The day we visited was not our day! Westminster Abbey did not open to the public. We only could admire its beauty from outside of the building.

Across River Thames, there is a huge Ferris Wheel stands besides of the river. It’s London Eye, a most popular Ferris Wheel in London.

Later, we took a walk to Regent St. The buildings in Regent St. were still shinning in the night.

《Day 3》
Burger & Lobster
China Town->British Museum Fortnum & Mason Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon  London Eye, Big Ben

The last day in London, we decided to follow our friend’s suggestion – having a big meal of lobster.

It’s very often to hear that there are only fish and chips in England. However, it would change your opinion of England food after tasting this dish. After the meal, we walked toward China Town. There were several rows of red lantern hung between the buildings. It looked so joyful even after Chinese New Year.

It was interesting to saw a Taiwanese drink shop in China Town. At first, we were curious about the taste of bubble milk tea in London. However, we gave up right after we saw the price. We thought we could drink it when we’re back in Taiwan.

In the film of Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, Larry, a security guard, go to British Museum to restore tablet, which has magical power will cause exhibits to become lifeless. There were numerous ancient exhibits of British Museum in the film. One of popular exhibits was Moai on Easter Island. My friend was interested with the building of British Museum. I liked the ancient exhibits. Thus, we decided to have an adventure in British Museum.

Speaking of England, people are easily thinking about afternoon tea. In the plot of a British drama Downton Abbey, every class of British people loves to have afternoon tea. It fully describes the life of 20 century in England.

Before heading to London, we had make a afternoon tea reservation for two online in Taiwan. We could not wait to enjoy the afternoon tea in London!

Traditional British afternoon tea is often served in three-tiered stand. The bottom tray will have savories and sandwiches. And scones with clotted and jam in middle tray. In the top tray, there are sweet pastries and cakes.

To be honest, this set of afternoon tea was way too big for two girls. However, we checked with server. It would be fine to take out if you could not finish the whole set. Our stomachs were stuffed, we carried two heavy bellies and walk toward River Thames to see the night view.

The London Eye was stunning with neon red in night. However, it was sorry that all the tickets of London Eye were sold out in the weekend we arrived. We could not see the night view of River Thames from top of London Eye. Nevertheless, we still could see its beauty from the ground.

Big ben still ring its bell at the night. The sound was steady. We believed that it could bring some safety to British.

To be continued…



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