[GO Traveling] A Trip toward North – The Golden Hulunbuir II


Before revealing more details about my last two day of this journey, I would like share some missing parts of my last article. Finishing the tour of Baihua Forest, our tour guide took us to a place with a reputation of best wetland in Asia- Genhe Wetland.

Genhe Wetland belongs to the upper parts of Argun River, it is also a habitat for national first class protected animals. Rumor has that Genhe was a homeland of Genghis Khan. The wet grassland was the place that Genghis Khan’s combat troops could have some rest. In order to protect the environment of this wetland, it does not open to the public. However, the tourist could see its beauty from the observation deck set up by government. You could imagine that Genghis Khan’s troops were riding horses in this grassland.

Now, back to our topic- the last two day in Hulunbuir. The night we stayed in B&B house was quiet, but pretty cold. The next morning was still chilly. However, we could see the whole view of the village in the morning, because it was dark when we arrived.

After having breakfast, the tour guide cleaned the ice on the car and we headed for Shiwei Port.

We saw the winding Argun Rive from the window. It was quite hard and boring to sit for a long time. Thus, we asked our tour guide to pull the car over to the side of the road and stopped. Then, we could have some fresh air and take a rest.

The line of fence is the boarder of China and Russia. There were some cow and sheep eating the grass leisurely. After the short rest, we drive the car to Shiwei Port. Shiwei Port is across the Olochi Port of Russia, these two ports were the important ports for mining and forestry between two countries. Although it is an important port, but it’s not thriving as we expected. It was peaceful. There were some horses and cows surrounding.

We drove along the boarder and enjoy the view of Argun River. There was no difference of landscape between two countries. We admired the view and drove to the village we were going to stay over night.

In the last day, since we shall catch up the long-distance train in the evening, we only arranged a tourist spot ”Manzhouli”, which is full of Russian style. Manzhouli is one of many cities in Hulunbuir, which is also the biggest port of land transportation in China. You could also see some Russian come here by train to buy some groceries. Some stores would have advertisement in both Russian and Chinese. It’s just like you were in Russia, the daily life here was interesting to us.

Our first stop was local famous square- Matryishka Doll Square, we would like to see if there was anything interesting. Then, we visited the streets in Manzhouli, which is full of exotic vibe.

Finally, we had a quick meal and took a taxi to train station. Our journey ended here. We were about to take evening train to Harbin.

This journey means a lot to me. Even though the grassland was yellow not green, it was still unique. We were not only admiring the secret of the nature, but also addicting to the spectacular and deep atmosphere. Hulunbuir is a beautiful place worth visiting again

It took us almost 13 hours back to Harbin. Expect the way we to Hulunbuir, we took night train back to Harbin. There was nothing but dark view and silent moon. We were tired and just fell asleep by the marching sound of train.


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